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I'm Brianna. I'm a sophomore in college. I like the NJ Devils, music, beauty, and laughing.
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When you slowly start hating someone you were friends with.


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National Geographic Magazine, May 1987, “At Home with the Arctic Wolf”.

Photos: Jim Brandenburg

Basically my favourite NGM article when I was a kid.

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Lightning Appreciation Post:

  • There are nearly 500 lightning strikes every second around the world.
  • Only about 100 of these strike the earth, the others are between and within the clouds themselves.
  • Lightning is very visible from space (last gif from Astronaut Reid Wiseman)
  • Besides regular storms (thunder storms, hurricanes, etc.) lightning can be found in volcanoes (gif 3) and even intense forest fires.

In conclusion: nature is fucking awesome!

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Literally just spotted Jesse Lacey outside of his tour bus talking on the phone bc I was creeping through a fence.


The opening and closing line of each Green Day album.

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